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Our Timely Endeavors

Founded in 2018 by the seasoned entrepreneur Paul Williams, Pellea Inc, or Pellea Fitness, was conceived with the vision of creating a marketplace driven by community engagement. The genesis of this idea traces back to my experiences in 2008, where I lived, worked, and traveled internationally. Motivated by a profound love for fitness, especially swimming, and drawing upon my extensive background as both a learner and teacher in swimming, the original concept has transformed into the robust online and offline platform that exists today.

Unveiling Our Identity

Pellea Fitness is a unique platform that integrates both online and offline communities, creating a dynamic marketplace for fitness enthusiasts. Our community segment offers free access, while the marketplace operates on a paid basis. We cater to the diverse macro and micro fitness communities, facilitating connections between fitness learners, fitness teachers, and facility managers in the industry. Our mission is to provide access to a wide range of fitness services, empowering individuals to achieve their health goals. Some of the fitness activities we undertake encompass the following groups and sub-groups:




TrainingBody Building, Body Weight Training, Callisthenics, Personal Training, Street Workout, Strength and Conditioning  
CombatBoxing, Brazilian Jujitsu, Judo, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai and Wrestling

Our Purpose and Mission

At the core of our mission is the aspiration to shape a world that embraces a healthier lifestyle. We firmly believe in the significance of attaining health goals within our community and market, bringing about positive transformations in the lives of fitness enthusiasts.

As we strive to foster a global embrace of healthier living, we acknowledge the limitations posed by the prevailing one-way approach in the fitness community and market. Recognizing the challenges individuals face in pursuit of their health goals, we are mindful of the drawbacks associated with a singular perspective, including misinformation, information overload, and insufficient support.

To address these challenges, our ecosystem adopts a dynamic multi-faceted approach that encourages the exchange of information, cooperation, and collaboration among its members. This strategy cultivates an environment characterized by accurate, simplified information, inclusive attitudes, and supportive surroundings.

Our solution revolves around facilitating connections and unlocking opportunities within these interconnected communities and markets. Acknowledging their interdependence, our ecosystem allows for scalability and adaptability, instigating transformative disruptions in these sectors. This distinctive approach positions us for success, setting us apart in a competitive landscape both now and in the future.

Our Operational Approach

Steps Fitness Learner(s)Fitness Teacher(s) or Facility Manager(s)
1Fitness Learner(s) become Member(s)FitnessTeacher(s) or Facility Manager(s) become Vendor(s)
2Member(s) do engagement(s)Vendor(s) notice Member(s) and/or other Vendor(s)
3Member(s) receive point(s)Vendor(s) acknowledge point(s)
4Member(s) search service(s)Vendor(s) offer service(s)
5Member(s) make payment(s)Vendor(s) take payment(s)
6Member(s) redeem point(s)Vendor(s) accept point(s)
7Member(s) give booking(s)Vendor(s) get booking(s)
8Member(s) contact vendor(s)Vendor(s) converse Member(s) and/or other Vendor(s)
9Member(s) acquire service(s)Vendor(s) provide service(s)
10Member(s) leave review(s)Vendor(s) consider review(s)
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