About Us

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Unveiling Our Identity

Pellea Inc. is the proud owner of Pellea Fitness, a unique platform that integrates both online and offline communities, creating a dynamic marketplace for fitness enthusiasts. Our community segment offers freemium access, while the marketplace operates on a premium basis. We cater to the diverse macro and micro fitness communities, facilitating connections between learners, teachers, and promoters in the industry. Our mission is to provide access to a wide range of fitness services, empowering individuals to achieve their health goals. Some of the activities we undertake encompass the following categories:



TrainingBody Building, Body Weight Training, Callisthenics, Personal Training, Street Workout, Strength and Conditioning  
CombatBoxing, Brazilian Jujitsu, Judo, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai and Wrestling

Our Tailored Services

Pellea Fitness: Your Hub for Fitness Connections and Opportunities

We are the ultimate hub for fitness learners, teachers, and promoters to come and work together.  As members, vendors, or affiliates they accumulate points by engaging socially.

Learners, whether swimmers or others, gain expertise by participating in personalized adult swimming lessons and much more. Signing up as a free member, grants them access to premium services. As members, they can select activities, experience levels, and group sizes, and discuss logistical details with their teachers.

Teachers, whether swim instructors or others, enjoy flexibility while providing tailored adult swimming lessons. Becoming a vendor allows them to access opportunities to offer their services for payment. They too can tailor experiences based on activities, experience levels, and group sizes, collaborating closely with learners.

Promoters play a vital role by recommending customized adult swimming lessons to others. As affiliates, they endorse services and earn credits for successful referrals, further contributing to the growth of Pellea Fitness.

The best part? There’s no need for any initial financial investment. Vendors and affiliates can join for free, ensuring that only members pay for fitness services.

Anyone aged 18 years and above can become part of Pellea Fitness. The registration process is straightforward, requiring essential identification documents to verify age and identity. Passport, government-issued ID, or official identity cards serve this purpose.

Join Pellea Fitness today, and embark on a journey of fitness, learning, and promotion without financial barriers!

Discover Our Location

Our office thrives in the vibrant City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Likewise, fitness learners, teachers, and promoters also operate within the same dynamic locale of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Our Timely Endeavors

In 2018, I, Paul Williams, as the Founder, Owner, and CEO, laid the foundation for Pellea Inc. The seeds of this idea were sown during my time living, working, and traveling abroad in 2008. The concept evolved into an innovative online and offline platform, and I began crafting a comprehensive business plan.

Initially, I created a prototype community platform but soon realized that it alone wouldn’t be viable in 2016. Undeterred, I persisted in conceptualizing a more encompassing online and offline platform. This led to the development of a business plan and dynamic prototype platforms. The main platform was named “Pellea,” while the fitness-oriented sub-platform was branded as “Pellea Fitness.”

One platform, pellea.com, functioned as a unified communication and collaboration hub, while fitness.pellea.com served as the community and marketplace sub-platform. By 2018, I was confident that both the Pellea platform and Pellea Fitness sub-platform, along with other ventures, were viable and had great potential.

Since then, we have been actively producing and further developing these platforms, with a commitment to advancing them and creating new ventures in the future.

Our Purpose and Mission

Enabling a Healthier World: Balancing Life and Work for Fitness Enthusiasts

At the heart of our mission is the vision of creating a world that embraces a healthier way of living and working. We believe that achieving a harmonious life/work balance is essential within our community and market, positively impacting the lives of fitness learners, teachers, and promoters.

Within the fitness community and market, we recognize the challenge of a one-way approach, leading to issues like misinformation, information overload, and insufficient support. To address these challenges, our ecosystem adopts an attractive multi-way approach, encouraging information exchanges, cooperation, and collaboration among its members. This fosters more accurate, simplified information, as well as inclusive attitudes and supportive environments.

Our solution lies in facilitating connections and unlocking opportunities across these communities and markets. Recognizing their interdependence, our ecosystem allows for scalability and adaptability, transforming these sectors in a disruptive yet progressive manner, both now and in the future.

Our Operational Approach

Steps Fitness/Wellness Learner(s)Fitness/Wellness Teacher(s)

Fitness/Wellness Promoter(s)

1Fitness/Wellness Learner(s) become member(s)Fitness/Wellness Learner(s) become vendor(s)Fitness/Wellness Promoter(s) become affiliate(s)
2Member(s) do engagement(s)Vendor(s) notice member(s)Affiliate(s) find referral(s)
3Member(s) receive point(s)Vendor(s) acknowledge point(s)Affiliate(s) inform referral(s)
4Member(s) search fitness/wellness product(s)/service(s)Vendor(s) offer fitness/wellness product(s)/service(s)Affiliate(s) talk fitness/wellness product(s)/service(s)
5Member(s) make payment(s)Vendor(s) offer fitness/wellness product(s)/service(s)Affiliate(s) qualify referral(s)
6Member(s) redeem point(s)Vendor(s) take payment(s)Affiliate(s) referral(s) accepted
7Member(s) give order(s)/booking(s)Vendor(s) accept point(s)/credit(s)Affiliate(s) obtain credit(s)
8Member(s) contact vendor(s)Vendor(s) get order(s)/booking(s)Affiliate(s) claim credit(s)
9Member(s) acquire fitness/wellnessVendor(s) converse member(s)Affiliate(s) select fitness/wellness product(s)/service(s
10Member(s) leave review(s)Vendor(s) consider review(s)Affiliate(s submit review(s)