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Fitness/Wellness Teacher

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I am the founder, owner, and CEO of Pellea Inc. located in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  Since its inception in 2016, I have conducted market research to identify potential communities and niche markets. After I complete this wrote a business plan and proposal.  Then I designed the front and backend of a community network and marketspace online and offline dynamic platform which is currently up and running to date.

Educational Backgrounds

I have studied public administration and politics, film, and information technology to date.

Professional Skills

I have studied public administration and politics, film, and information technology to date.

Given Qualifications

I have administrative, advising, advocating, analytical, anticipating, assembling, best practicing, business acumen, calculating, coaching, computing, conflict resolution, counselling, critical thinking, customer servicing, decision making, delegating, enterprising, financial managing, fostering, goal setting, hardworking, information gathering, interpersonal, interviewing, logical, mechanical, mediating, mentoring, moderating, multitasking, negotiating, networking, numerical, operational, organizing, preserving, persuading, planning, problem-solving, public speaking, quick learning, researching, result orientating, supervising, technical, teaching, technological, training, troubleshooting, writing and other abilities. 

Specific Trainings

I have done web design and development courses, media arts workshops, film & television and video production workshops/courses, and business programs/courses to date.

Many Accomplishments

I have been a Swimmer for 30 years in London England, and Toronto and Belleville Canada for 15 years.
I have been a Swim Instructor for 15 years in London England, Toronto and Belleville Canada for 15 years.

Distinct Qualities

I am adaptable, ambitious, articulate, artistic, brave, broadminded, capable, careful, caring, coachable, competent, conscientious, confident, consistent, considerate, cooperative, creative, credible, curious, dedicated, dependable, diplomatic, eccentric, empathetic, energetic, fair, focused, flexible, genuine, helpful, honest, independent, intelligent, industrious, inventive, motivated, nurturing, open-minded, opportunistic, optimistic, personable, productive, realistic, reliable, respectful, resourceful, responsible, risk-taking, self-assured, social, technical,  trustworthy and versatile individual.

Regular Hobbies

I enjoy running, swimming, walking, skiing, mountain biking, shooting pool, playing chess, getting tea, meeting people, kickboxing, and other pursuits.

General Interests

I like rowing, road biking, camping, boating, skating, kayaking, travelling, sightseeing, playing tennis, shooting pool, playing chess, getting coffee, meeting people, playing music, watching movies, live shows, beach volleyball, paintball, and other activities.

Life Experiences

I have been a Swimmer internationally. I have been a Swim Instructor internationally.

World Views

I believe in inclusion, progression, moderation, transformation, autonomy, accountability, diversity, efficiency, equity, stability, unity, and continuity both socially and economically for the greater good.