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Position yourself at the forefront of facility management by converging with Pellea Fitness, the ultimate hub for facility managers, including esteemed pool managers. As vendors, seize the chance to not only unite but also generate income by showcasing your top-notch services.

Facility managers are the linchpin in supporting a myriad of fitness activities, from personalized adult swimming lessons that benefit swimmers and swim instructors to catering to the diverse needs of our community. By joining as vendors, you unlock lucrative opportunities to provide services for compensation, contributing not only to your establishment’s prosperity but also fostering the overall growth of Pellea Fitness.

The most enticing part? There’s no need for an initial financial investment – facility managers can effortlessly join as vendors. If you’re 18 or older, you are wholeheartedly invited to become part of Pellea Fitness, a dedicated community committed to elevating overall well-being.

Our enrollment process is meticulously designed for simplicity and ease, ensuring a swift kickstart to your journey towards a healthier and more vibrant life. Take that pivotal step towards a brighter future by affiliating with Pellea Fitness today. Immerse yourself in our dynamic community and embark on a transformative journey filled with fitness, education, and abundant opportunities for personal growth, all under the umbrella of an inclusive approach that eliminates any financial constraints!

Located In Toronto

Our office flourishes in the lively City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Similarly, facility managers also operate within the same dynamic locale of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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